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Recent Reviews

Great service and compassion. No improvement needed. Great staff and service. 
~ David   E. - 9/30/2016
Tom Boudinot was very gracious, friendly and put us to ease. He was very respectful. 
~ David   H. - 9/23/2016
Your funeral home was exactly what the St. Louis area has needed for decades. Tom is what I've always expected in a funeral director. Kind, compassionate, and loving. Stephanie has been very helpful in all my financial needs. Spent hours with me, attention to detail- excellent. I will forever be grateful. Karen has always been very polite on the phone and in person. Rick is another very caring individual who had our families best interests at heart at all times. You have picked excellent staff to represent the St. Peters, Mo home. I will cherish your kindness forever. 
~ Patty   H. - 9/20/2016
We were very satisfied. All questions were answered and no pressure at all. Very courteous and helpful and the best I have ever seen a person look laid out. Truly the first time I can say someone looked good. Tom- very pleasant, very observant, did an excellent job preparing my mother-in-law. I would highly recommend. 
~ Jim   T. - 8/24/2016